Brierley Associates is a privately held national tunnel, trenchless, geotechnical, and geostructural design firm with offices strategically located in nine states. With over 55 underground engineers and geologists, Brierley Associates has a long history of delivering recognizable value to our clients and projects by providing cost effective and constructible solutions.

Brierley Associates understands that planning, design, and construction of subsurface projects is a complex mixture of client needs, contractual preferences, risk allocation, third party requirements, design criteria, and subsurface conditions.

Brierley Associates is experienced in all aspects of tunnel and trenchless design and construction; including feasibility and risk assessment, geologic and geotechnical site characterization, contractor procurement, and construction management.

Brierley Associates nationwide and international underground project knowledgebase and is key to anticipating behavior and helping our clients with design and construction of successful projects.

All of us at Brierley Associates, share a common business vision; one that is dedicated to the service of our clients, as we “Create Space Underground”.


Tunnel Design

Brierley Associates is organized to provide seamless planning,
design, construction management and forensic services for underground space projects.

Trenchless Design

Trenchless Design

Brierley Associates is a recognized national authority in the application, design, management, forensic analysis and implementation of trenchless technologies for underground infrastructure rehabilitation and new installation.

Geostructural Design

Geostructural Design

Brierley Associates provides geotechnical engineering services for heavy civil projects with an understanding of ground conditions through rigorous investigation, accurate description of subsurface and surface characteristics and analysis and judgment based on experience.

Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design

Brierley Associates can design a wide array of support of excavation systems. We have the skill sets needed to evaluate subsurface conditions at your project site and develop constructible and cost effective support systems.

Dam Engineering Consultants

Dam Engineering

Brierley Associates has over 100 years of experience in the evaluation and construction of improvements to existing earthen, rockfill and gravity dams, locks and levees across the United States as well as Canada.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)


Brierley Associates use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to create virtual mockups and design alternatives provides the ability to analyze “what if” scenarios and results in the selection of the best design solutions for our clients.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Brierley Associates provides forensic engineering services requiring expertise in geotechnical engineering, heavy construction, tunneling and trenchless construction.

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