Construction Dispute Resolution

Brierley Associates underground engineering experts have worked with numerous, well established national engineering and heavy civil construction firms on a wide-range of projects under various delivery systems. Many of the projects that we have designed are complex in nature and require unique solutions. Through this experience we have gained a valuable knowledge-base of “Best Practices” and methods to deliver a safe and reliable project.

Forensic Engineering, Claims, and Dispute Resolution

Heavy Civil Construction Dispute ResolutionBrierley Associates provides forensic engineering services requiring expertise in geotechnical engineering, heavy construction, tunneling and trenchless technology.  We adhere to the principle that a good forensic engineering expert is a detective, one who patiently searches for evidence and reconstructs events in order to provide opinions that will stand the scrutiny of peers and cross-examination by attorneys. We follow a disciplined approach; determining an absence of conflicts of interest, hearing the nature of the assignment, accepting the assignment, careful assembly and review of information, proactive analysis, and development of conclusions and opinions.

Brierley Associates have; served as arbitrators, testified as expert witnesses, and participated on numerous dispute resolution boards as well as providing support for mediation. From this experience, we fully accept and embrace the role as unbiased providers of opinions and facts to the persons entrusted to make the final judgments in each matter. Brierley Associates also understands the importance of explaining sometimes complex scientific and engineering concepts in simple, direct language that can be understood by lay persons and finders of fact not familiar with the material.

Brierley Associates specializes in construction claims and disputes arising primarily from allegations of differing site conditions. Our geotechnical, heavy construction, tunnel and trenchless technology expertise is leveraged to carefully evaluate the subsurface conditions described in the contract documents and compare these to conditions actually encountered during construction. Depending on the nature of a claim, a review of means and methods, and equipment utilization may be incorporated into our work. We also provide evaluation of cost and schedule impacts arising from changed conditions, based on our experience in heavy civil construction management.

Through our offices located across the U.S. we offer these services nationwide to project owners, engineers, contractors and attorneys.

  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Document and Data Analysis
  • Failure Analysis Geologic/Hydrogeologic Evaluations
  • Evaluation of Remedial Solutions
  • Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • Peer Review
  • Disputes Review and Construction Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Technical Advisor-Depositions and Testimony
  • Claims Resolution
  • Disputes Review Board Member
  • Mediator, Arbitrator, and Appraiser