Brierley Associates delivers intrinsic, recognizable value to our owner, A/E firm, and contractor clients by focusing on constructability, efficiency and practicality.  Our tunnel, trenchless and geostructural design and consulting services are founded on a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, subsurface conditions, site-specific constraints and the risks associated with the construction of tunnels, underground facilities, and heavy civil infrastructure projects.

With offices strategically located across the U.S., our team of more than 80 tunnel,trenchless, geostructural, construction and  geotechnical  design engineers and geologists offer a vast knowledge of ground conditions and behavior to our clients.

Since our founding in 1999, the Brierley Associates’ team is dedicated to the service of our clients as we “Create Space Underground”.


Tunnel Design

Brierley Associates is organized to provide seamless planning,
design, construction management and forensic services for underground space projects.

Trenchless Design

Trenchless Design

Brierley Associates is a recognized national authority in the application, design, management, forensic analysis and implementation of trenchless technologies for underground infrastructure rehabilitation and new installation.

Construction Design

Construction Design

Brierley Associates’ construction designs for heavy civil works are based on rigorous investigation of conditions, our understanding of ground behavior and a value engineering approach to solve complex project execution problems.

Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design

Brierley Associates can design a wide array of support of excavation systems. We have the skill sets needed to evaluate subsurface conditions at your project site and develop constructable and cost effective support systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)


Brierley Associates use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to create virtual mockups and design alternatives provides the ability to analyze “what if” scenarios and results in the selection of the best design solutions for our clients.

Subsidence and Sinkhole Mitigation

Subsidence Mitigation

When underground spaces pose a risk, Brierley Associates provides a unique perspective and understanding of ground behavior in response to historic mining. We perform rigorous geotechnical assessments, remote sensing, and GIS-based analysis of mine workings to assess challenging subsidence conditions and design evidence-based solutions.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Brierley Associates provides forensic engineering services requiring expertise in geotechnical engineering, heavy construction, tunneling and trenchless construction.

GIS Services

GIS Services

Brierley Associates’ GIS professionals can help you collect, develop, and integrate geospatial data to improve business workflows and accomplish your, mission.