Brierley Associates at AEG Annual Meeting-September 10-16, 2017

 AEG Annual Conference Update

Becky Brock will be presenting during Technical Session #10 Thursday September 14

Challenges of Inspecting Unlined Rock Tunnels Based on the New National Tunnel Inspection Standards

In 2015, Congress mandated the inspection of all vehicular tunnels in the country on a regular basis. The FHWA developed the National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS) to comply with the mandate and all tunnel inspection information shall be reported to FHWA. In Colorado, a handful of vehicular tunnels are unlined tunnels and/or approach embankments comprised of bare bedrock. This presentation describes the new NTIS for tunnels and focuses on the inspection of unlined rock tunnels and rock embankments per the manuals.


Gary Brierley (Dr. Mole) will also be presenting during Session # 10

Good Engineering Geologists – Worth Their Weight in Gold

Competent engineering geologists are a key component to the success of well-designed and constructed infrastructure and underground projects. Effective subsurface investigation program development and implementation, preparation of well-written and thoughtful Geotechnical Data and Baseline Reports, and good in-field documentation during construction all require sound engineering geology skills. Several case histories from major projects over the past forty years will be presented to demonstrate why and remind us that what we do—as engineering geologists—is important.

AEG-Tunneling Committee New Role for Isaacson

After nearly ten years as one of the Tunneling Committee Chairpersons, Alan Howard will be transitioning his role to Brierley’s Ike Isaacson. Thank you Alan for your contributions and making this committee a success.

Look for Alan and Ike at the conference next week.

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