Miami Beach HDD World Record

World Record HDD, City of Miami Beach, FL

Brierley Associates designed a world record, 3,000 foot long and a 1,200 foot long, installation of 54-inch diameter HDPE pipe using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methods. Although long reach HDD of 54-inch diameter HDPE have been previously accomplished, they were on the order of 1,000 feet.

This design/build project was successfully delivered by David Mancini & Sons, Inc. (general contractor) who retained Brierley Associates. Roger Williams (AECOM) served as project design professional representing the City of Miami Beach. Given the complexities of this installation Hard Rock Directional Drilling of Texas teamed with Spartan Directional of Louisiana.

Other unique feature of the installation include:

  • Logistics of laying out and field welding of HDPE on the surface of existing roadways, which had to remain accessible
  • Innovative drill fluid handling methods such as storing mud in a previously installed drill hole rather than flowing on the city roadways;
  • Mixed face (soil and rock) conditions;
  • Utilization of pressure relief holes during pull back to prevent hydrolock and frac- out during pull back; and,
  • Drill fluid ballasting to prevent pipe buckling under differential hydrostatic pressure

Brian Dorwart of Brierley Associates designed the pipe, which was provided by Isco; the drill path and alignment; methods for overbend, buoyancy control, and differential pressure control; and evaluated the required pulling forces and pipe stresses to ensure that the integrity of the pipe was not compromised during this remarkable installation.

Please click here* to be directed to Brierley Associates YouTube page. Here you can view drone footage provided by David Mancini & Sons, Inc. of the initial 3000-ft HDD drill and the pulling of the 54-inch diameter HDPE. These videos document the unique logistical challenges that were overcome by the entire team through proper planning and teamwork.

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