Eastside Water Intake Tunnel

Webster, New York

The Eastside Water Intake Tunnel was undertaken by the Monroe County Water Authority to provide a supply of up to 50 million gallons a day of fresh lake water to the new Eastside Water Treatment Plant located in Webster, New York.

The tunnel was mined starting at a 45-ft diameter, 164-ft deep shaft located on property near the southern shore of Lake Ontario. The tunnel, extending 6,000 feet northward from shore and beneath Lake Ontario had a constructed diameter of approximately 9-ft and was terminated at a riser shaft located in approximately 50-ft of water. That 8-ft finished diameter riser shaft extends approximately 100 feet below lake level to the tunnel.

Other project components include a series of 10-ft wide adits in rock connecting the main on-shore shaft to the future pumping station.

Brierley Associates was retained by Southland Contracting, Inc. to complete a variety of pre-bid and construction phase services including preparation of submittals related to shaft, tunnel, and adit support systems, rock stability analysis, drill and blast design, blast cover design, construction vibration, grouting, ground water infiltration analysis. During construction, Brierley Associates provided on-site services during shaft and tunnel advancement.