Gamal to be at NAAMLP 39th Annual Conference Lexington, KY

The National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs 39th Annual NAAMLP 39th Annual ConferenceConference will run from Sunday evening September 24th, through Wednesday the 27th in Lexington KY. Registered as a nonprofit corporation in 1995, the mission of NAAMLP is:

  • To provide a forum to address current issues, discuss common problems, and share new technologies regarding the reclamation of abandoned mine lands.
  • To foster positive and productive relationships between the states and tribes represented by the Association and the federal government.
  • To serve as an effective, unified voice when presenting states/tribes common viewpoints.
  • To coordinate, cooperate, and communicate with the Interstate Mining Compact Commission, Western Interstate Energy Board, and all other organizations dedicated to the wise use and restoration of our natural resources.

Brierley Associates Dr. Mohamed Gamal presented on September 25, 2017:

Dr. Mohamed Gamal


High Mobility Grouting for Subsidence Mitigation at Glenrock, WY”  


Attendees will learn more about the challenges posed by the subsurface conditions at the Glenrock site and how the backfill grouting program was successfully designed and ultimately deployed.