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Texas Capitol Complex Featured in

Deep Foundations Magazine

Capitol Complex Excavation Austin TX

To expand their Capitol Complex in Austin, The State of Texas is adding two new state office buildings and five levels of underground parking, with a landscaped pedestrian mall atop the underground parking. Brierley Associates was selected to provide final detailed design of the entire Phase 1 retention system, an approximately 40-to 65-ft deep, 500,000+ CY excavation through overburden and limestone bedrock.

Charles Luxford and Eric Lindquist describe the complex retention system designed by Brierley Associates in article originally published in DFI’s bi-monthly member magazine, Deep Foundations, July/August 2021 issue.  DFI is an international technical association of firms and individuals in the deep foundations and related industries. To join DFI and receive the magazine, go to www.dfi.org.

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