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Brierley Experts to Speak at AEG 2023

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, September 19-24, in Portland, OR

Brierley Associates is proud to announce that we are actively supporting the AEG 2023 conference this year as a sponsor, and we will be speaking at 5 sessions during the conference. See us at these sessions:

Tailoring Geotechnical and Geoscientific Investigations for Properly Assessing Tunnel Design Parameters,
Wednesday, Sept 20, 3:20-3:40 pm
Presenter: Dave Sackett
Geotechnical and geoscientific investigations are used for a wide variety of construction projects, and since they are relatively common, there are many industry standards available to assist in designing these studies. However, tunnels, trenchless, and other underground structures require specialized geoscientific information that is not as easily standardized and should generally be customized to the proposed structure and anticipated subsurface conditions. Methods of targeted field and laboratory investigations for the proposed structures, anticipated subsurface conditions and construction methods will be summarized.

Bedrock Characterization Requirements for Microtunneling
Wednesday, Sept. 20, 3:40-4:00 pm
Presenter: Nick Strater
Microtunnel installations are becoming increasingly common in bedrock, even in igneous and metamorphic lithologies. However, accurate intact and rock mass rock characterization is critical for assessment of construction risk, equipment selection, cutter wear prediction, and estimating penetration rates. This paper presents recommended minimum bedrock exploration and testing measures, and geotechnical parameters recommended for planning successful microtunnel installations. We also provide suggestions for representing the data in the contract documents to mitigate the risk of cost and schedule impacts for both the contractor and the owner.

The Merging of GIS and Remote Sensing: Disciplines Used in Monitoring, Analyzing, and Detecting Subsidence Features
Friday, September 22, 1:00-1:20 pm
Presenter: Josh Zimmermann
The monitoring of subsidence features is an ever-evolving process with remote sensing playing an integral part in investigation. Use of this technology has greatly contributed to bridging the gap between the two disciplines – aerial mapping and GIS.

Challenges of Reactivating a Hardrock Mine with Extensive Historic Underground Mine Workings
Friday, September 22, 2:00-2:20 pm
Presenter: Josh Zimmermann

In the early 20th century, hard rock mining operations utilized underground excavation techniques, such as stope mining to excavate potentially lucrative ore bodies to surface for processing. These mining and historic processing techniques were typically inefficient by modern standards or were inefficient at economically retrieving a majority of desirable metals. With historic exploratory data spanning back to the 1960’s and a multitude of geologic interpretations, it was difficult for the new owner to determine the true nature of these existing hazards. Therefore, Brierley Associates was tasked to help identify potential areas of high risk pertaining to the abandoned underground workings. Through the incorporation of GIS solutions, data sleuthing, modeling, and extensive background research, Brierley was able to plan and execute a focused geological investigation and geotechnical campaign to determine geohazard risks.

Application of High Mobility Grout in Rubblized Conditions of the Glenrock 1 and 2 Coal Mines
Friday, September 22, 2:20-2:40 pm
Presenters: Robert Millar, Cole Archer, Dave Hibbard

This presentation covers the application of variable high mobility grout mix designs in abandoned coal mine subsidence mitigation in Glenrock, WY. Sufficient understanding of the mine geometry, subsidence propagation mechanics, overburden rock strengths and geology determine the mitigation approach used by the geologists and engineers. This presentation will discuss basics of the mix design process, methodology of grout-injection in relation to active subsidence, and the lessons learned.

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