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“Chris” Makes an Appearance in Washington

5-Mile CSO Tunnel Will Help Relieve Chronic Flooding in Capital

At about 1:00 am on Thursday, April 22, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) named “Chris” broke through the wall of the R Street Shaft in Washington, DC, bringing our Nation’s Capital one step closer to cleaner rivers and reduced neighborhood flooding. The TBM completed the 5-mile, 23-ft CSO tunnel beneath the RFK Stadium complex, Langston Golf Course, National Arboretum, Mount Olivet Cemetery, New York Avenue, Amtrak Rail Yard, WMATA Red Line, CSX rail bridge, and a large section of Rhode Island Avenue. Brierley Associates is proud to be Prime Designer and Engineer-of-Record for the Lane design/build team. The tunnel expected to be in operation in the Summer of 2023, and to prevent 98% of sewage overflows into the Anacostia River.

More information about Northeast Boundary Tunnel is available here.

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