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Dorwart Elected to Trenchless Hall of Fame

Brian Dorwart - Trenchless Design and Construction, Grouting and Infrastructure Renewal Specialist - Brierley Associates

Brierley Associates is proud to announce that our own Brian Dorwart has been elected to the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) Hall of Fame! Brian has more than 5 decades of experience and has built his career developing efficient trenchless solutions for a variety of applications ranging from new construction to pipe and tunnel rehabilitation. Brian is a selfless mentor, providing his expertise to the Brierley family and the greater trenchless industry.

Brian started in the construction industry in 1972 as a geologist, geotechnical exploration driller, and construction technician.  In 1979, he graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering and immediately started work with a geotechnical engineering and instrumentation firm.  Engineering experience has included construction, technical analyses, and management of projects involving geology, geotechnical engineering, underground construction, and geotechnical instrumentation. Project services have ranged from heavy construction of pipelines, tunnels, dams, and highways to light industrial building and dynamic machine foundations.  His area of specialization is the interaction of ground to excavation tools and/or natural environmental processes and ground modification for construction.  This specialization is applied to trenchless technologies including directional drilling, small to large tunnels, soil/rock stability in shoreline protection systems, landslides, during permitting, design, and construction. Engineering and management experience include developing strategies for bid preparation, risk-based design, conceptual design, research and development, construction engineering, forensic analyses, and consulting. Clients include contractors, private industry, owners, engineers, and public agencies.  Business sectors include oil and gas pipelines, telecommunications, water and wastewater, power transmission, rehabilitation of pipes and culverts, and transportation.

Brian is a registered Professional Engineer in 30 states and a Registered Professional Geologist in 2 states.  He has more than 40 years’ experience in underground engineering and more than 30 years design and field experience with various types of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipeline rehabilitation including subsurface characterization, design, cost analyses, construction management, forensics, and construction.

Brian’s induction will be celebrated at the NASTT No-Dig Show in Providence, Rhode Island on April 16.


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