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Eric Michal Earns California Structural Engineer’s License

Eric Michal, PE, SE , Geostructural Design and Construction Design Team Member-Brierley Associates

Eric Michal from Brierley’s Moraga, California, office has passed the rigorous requirements needed to acquire his Structural Engineer’s License (SE) in the State of California. To become a California SE, one must first hold a Civil Engineer’s license and show significant satisfactory experience as a structural engineer, as verified by several professional California SE references. Applicants must also pass an 8-hour exam that addresses typical structural engineering building and bridge problems, plus a second 8-hour exam that covers mainly lateral and vertical loads from earthquakes and wind.

Eric has 11 years of experience designing excavation shoring, pile foundations, and various contractor support functions including concrete formwork and temporary loading on structures. His experience with excavation shoring includes cantilevered, braced, and tiedback piles, soil nail walls, underpinning, secant pile walls, and diaphragm walls.

Congratulations, Eric!

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