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Friedman is a 2024 Mizzou R.A.H Award Recipient

Kyle Friedman was recently named as a Mizzou R.A.H. recipient. The Mizzou R.A.H. (or Recent Alumni Honorees) award is given to University of Missouri alumni who are 35 years or younger and have shown exceptional professional achievement, along with a demonstrated record of volunteerism, both on campus and in their local communities.

Kyle attributes his success to embracing a say yes mentality. “It can be a powerful strategy for maximizing learning and advancement early in your career,” Kyle observed. “It opens doors to unexpected projects, challenges, and collaborations, providing invaluable hands-on experience; it’s through this willingness to adapt and take on new challenges that you can truly propel your career to the next level.”

Kyle attended the University of Missouri – Columbia from 2012-2016 for his bachelor’s degree and 2016-2018 for his master’s degree as a part of the College of Engineering. He joined Brierley’s Denver office in 2018.

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