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Luxford to Talk About Shaft Construction at 30th Annual Microtunneling Short Course

Charles Luxford, PE, SE, PEng, will give a talk at the Microtunneling Short Course on Tuesday, April 11 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Charles’ presentation will cover various types of construction shaft support methods, both those commonly used such as trench boxes, liner plate & ring beams, soldier and sheet piling, precast concrete segments. He will also discuss more specialized ones such as secant piling, diaphragm walls, and caissons utilized for microtunneling operations. Charles will also cover considerations to shaft location & geology such as access, adjacent 3rd parties, and groundwater control.
Charles is Sector Lead for the Construction Engineering Sector of Brierley Associates. More information on the Microtunneling Short Course if available on their website: 2023 Microtunneling Short Course | Scottsdale, AZ.

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