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Eric Lindquist, PhD-Director of Engineering, Geostructural, Construction Design and Contractor Support Sector Team Member - Brierley Associates

Eric Lindquist, PhD, PE

Director of Engineering

Eric is our Director of Engineering and nationally recognized geostructural engineer and designer of complex, yet constructable support of excavations systems in challenging ground conditions and urban settings. Eric completed his Ph.D. dissertation on the strength and deformation properties of mélange (complex rock bodies made up of stronger blocks embedded in a weaker matrix material). His dissertation was nominated for the Rocha Medal, the annual award presented to the top dissertation in the field of rock mechanics in the world. Dr. Lindquist received the 1991 Harry Bolton Seed Award as the top graduate student in the U.C. Berkeley Geotechnical Engineering Department. In 1990 he was one of only six U.C. Berkeley undergraduates awarded a Certificate of Distinction for his academic work.