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Strater Wins Outstanding Paper Award

Assessment of Soil and Bedrock Abrasivity for HDD Projects was awarded the Outstanding Paper Award by NASTT.

Brierley’s Nick Strater presented the paper for NASTT No-Dig 2019 Conference. It was Co-Authored by Danny Crumpton, Inrock, and Brian Dorwart and Jim Williams, Brierley Associates.

Nick’s presentation explored excessive tool and equipment wear associated with abrasive soil and bedrock conditions. Understanding the factors that cause abrasion and identifying their presence through a geotechnical investigation can help to avoid unforeseen costs and schedule delays.

Presentations and papers are reviewed by an award committee in combination with feedback received on the speaker evaluation form completed by attendees.

Some of the comments on Nick’s paper included: “Really interesting talk since quantitatively predicting abrasion does not have a well-established procedure.” and “Nick is an all-star in the industry. I’m amazed at his analytical ability.”

We couldn’t agree more. A synopsis of the paper is available here. The full paper is available from the NASTT website.


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