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Successful Hole Thru on Alliance Regional Water Authority (ARWA) SH-130 Tunnel Crossing

Kevin Mandeville, P.G. is Brierley’s PM on the ARWA Phase 1B Segment B Pipeline project which included a 775-ft tunneled section under SH-130 near Lockhart, Texas. This crossing included two deep shafts: one 25-ft diameter Construction Shaft ~43-ft deep, and one 12-ft diameter Receiving Shaft ~55-ft deep. The tunnel was successfully constructed under SH-130 reaching the Receiving Shaft in the early hours of February 15, 2023. The 60-inch steel casing provided initial support during the tunneling operations for the hand miners and a 42-inch steel carrier pipe will be installed within the 60-inch casing pipe very soon. And not to forget about the Geology… the tunnel and shafts were mined within the Midway Group, which is described as a clay and claystone around the Austin area. Members of the team include:

Great job to the entire team for making this a huge success and a special thanks to the hand miners that made this happen!

Owner = Alliance Regional Water Authority www.alliancewater.org

Prime Engineer = KFriese + Associates, Inc. www.kfriese.com

Tunnel Engineer = Brierley Associates www.brierleyassociates.com

Geotechnical Engineer = Arias & Associates, Inc. www.ariasinc.com

General Contractor = Garney Construction www.garney.com

Tunnel Contractor = BoreCo

Construction Managers = Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc. www.pape-dawson.com

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