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Subsidence Mitigation GIS Enterprise Mapping and Tracking System

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Project At-a-Glance

  • Developer of customized collector app for offline data collection using Drone2Map, Arc Pro 2.7 and Arc Info
  • Multi-user capability utilizing “one-to-many” relational database tables
  • GPS coordinates are captured on every borehole and matched to surveyed GPS points.
  • Client and project leader can track progress and have access to historical data

Project Narrative

Brierley Associates has been helping Wyoming DEQ Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Division with developing, designing and implementation of effective means to mitigate surface subsidence associated with numerous old and out of service coal extraction sites. Given the need for effective management of field data that would also allow for quick retrieval and evaluation, Brierley’s GIS specialists developed a custom solution.  Our mapping and tracking solution keeps track of exploratory drilling progress and locations, geological features, location and size of subsidence features, geohazards, grout volumes pumped into each borehole, and follow-up verifications.

This customized enterprise GIS system allows our field teams to record critical data and photos in real-time, seamlessly synching to the database when wi-fi is available. Having this capability enables our geologists, engineers and Wyoming DEQ to access the up-to-date information that can be output in the form of spreadsheets, shape files, and maps. The system is also set up to provide spatial analysis to determine proximity to documented out-of-service coal extraction sites, areas of karst topography and historic borehole locations. Short turnaround delivery of accurate data from the field to our project leaders and client is the hallmark of effective custom GIS solutions that Brierley Associates develops.

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