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At Brierley Associates, we deliver intrinsic, recognizable value to our owner, A/E firm, and contractor clients by focusing on constructability, efficiency and practicality. Our geotechnical and structural design and consulting services are founded on a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, subsurface conditions, site-specific constraints, and the risks associated with the construction of tunnels, underground facilities and heavy civil infrastructure projects. We strive to make clients glad that they came in contact with our firm.

All of us at Brierley Associates, share a common business vision; one that is dedicated to the service of our clients, as we “Create Space Underground”.

Leadership Committee | Office Leaders

Leadership Committee

AJ McGinn Tunnel Shaft Design Numerical Modeling ForensicArthur “AJ” McGinn, Ph.D., P.E. – Principal – President, CEO (Syracuse, NY Office) with over 20 years of working on a variety of complex projects, is widely respected as an expert in the areas of numerical ground modeling, particularly in connection with ground modification methods such as soil mixing and jet grouting.
Gregg Sherry Tunnel Design EngineerGregg Sherry, P.E. – Principal – Tunnel Design Leader (Denver, CO Office) has over 35 years of experience in design and construction of over 200 tunnels and a variety of civil engineering projects including; dams, water conveyances, transportation corridors, railways, pipelines, and canals. Gregg has also been responsible for design and construction management of various ground improvement programs involving; compaction grout,chemical grout, cement grout and jet grout
Steve Kuehr Geotechnical Engineer Dams Slurry WallsSteven Kuehr, P.E. – Principal – Geotechnical Design Leader (Denver, CO Office) specializes in geotechnical engineering as it relates to water supply, sewerage, water resources, commercial, industrial, highway, bridge, and land development projects. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Steve has worked on all aspects of foundation engineering, slope stability, expansive soils problems, ground modification, retaining walls, landslide evaluation and repair, dam design and groundwater collection trenches and slurry wall design.
Eric Lindquist Geostructural Ground ImprovementEric Lindquist, Ph.D., P.E. – Principal – Construction Design Leader (Moraga, CA Office) has almost 20 years in the design of heavy construction facilities for owners, engineers, and contractors, with an emphasis on underground structures. He specializes in the geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, designs involving excavation shoring, slope repairs, tunnels, shafts, trestles, retaining walls, cofferdams, shallow and deep foundations, and pipelines.
Alan Howard Tunnel Geologist Tunnel Engineer Design Nationwide Alan L. Howard, P.G., C.E.G. – Principal – Tunnel Design Leader(Denver, CO Office) has worked on numerous underground projects including; planning,design CM, and construction services for soft ground and hard rock tunnels, during his career spanning more than 30 years. Mr. Howard is a specialist in geotechnical contract documents for tunneling. In addition, Alan is well experienced in geotechnical investigations, hydrogeology,rock mechanics evaluations and claims support.

Office Leaders

Jay Perkins Geotechnical Engineer Cambridge Boston MAJay Perkins, P.E. – (Cambridge, MA Office) career of over 35 years has included management of geotechnical and multi-disciplined projects at the local, national and international levels. Jay’s technical experience encompasses geotechnical investigations and instrumentation programs, providing design recommendation of commercial and industrial buildings, earth embankment dams and slopes, landfills, cutoff walls, wastewater treatment facilities and the application of geosynthetic materials.
Nick Strater Trenchless Design Leader HDD Horizontal Directional DrillingNick Strater, P.G. – Trenchless Design Leader (Bedford, NH Office) has over 20 years of engineering geology and geotechnical consulting experience. His specialties include: rock and soil tunnels; trenchless designs ranging from horizontal directional drilling to pilot tube auger bore;rock slope evaluation and stability; rock blasting and, forensic geology.
Phil Burgmeier Geostructural Dewatering Design Phillip “Phil” Burgmeier, P.E., – (Syracuse, NY Office) has 23 years of experience in geotechnical and structural engineering. His experience includes: shaft,tunnel and support of excavation design, seismic ground motion analysis, landslide investigation and remediation, structural underpinning, dewatering, ground improvement,deep foundation design,waterproofing, pipeline rehabilitation  and finite element modeling. Phil has a successful track record developing conventional and unconventional solutions for challenging construction issues.
Patrick Smith Geotechnical Seismic Engineering Patrick Smith, Ph.D., P.E,G.E. – (Woodland Hills, CA Office) is well-versed with interpretation and quantification of risk associated with geotechnical and geologic hazards (geohazards), as well as for optimizing final design and construction methodology. Patrick has performed a variety of geotechnical engineering analyses for shallow and deep foundations, pipelines, retaining structures, roadways and bridges, slope stability, excavations, seepage effects, and earthquake engineering.
Becky Brock Trenchless and Tunnel Design Denver, CORebecca “Becky” Brock, P.E. – (Denver, CO Office) conducts evaluations for geological and geotechnical engineering projects including trenchless, tunnels, pipelines, roadways, retaining walls, shallow and deep foundations, and dams. During Becky’s career, spanning almost 20 years, she has been involved in the evaluation and design of complex geological sites affected by collapsible and expansive soils, soft ground, running ground, mixed face conditions.
Nancy Nuttbrock Texas Regional ManagerNancy Nuttbrock, P.E. – (Austin and Houston TX Offices) has developed a well-rounded 20 year career associated with tunneling and underground development; engineering and regulatory expertise relative to the mining industry; high-level project management and successful leadership. Nancy brings a unique perspective gained from her tenure with Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) where she served as the Administrator of the Land Quality Division and subsequently elevated to the position of Deputy Director of Wyoming’s DEQ.
Tunnels Geology Ike IssacsonMr. Jon (Ike) Isaacson, GE, CEG, PE, PG – (Milwaukee,WI and Chicago, IL Offices) brings interdisciplinary knowledge and over 15 years’ experience as a consultant, owner’s representative, and tunnel contractor.  He has been responsible for the planning and execution of numerous land and off-shore geotechnical investigations, mapping programs for tunnels and dams. Additionally Ike’s experience includes: tunnel construction, inspection and rehabilitation, ground freezing, grouting, hyperbaric interventions and ground loss mapping.
Geotechnical Dave SackettDave Sackett, CPG,PG – (Norfolk, VA Office) has more than 30-years’ domestic and international experience as a Geoscientist. Throughout his career, Mr. Sackett has been responsible for the acquisition and management of geological interpretations of high-resolution marine geophysical data, nearshore and landside site characterization, planning and execution of integrated geotechnical investigations, preparation of geological and geotechnical reports and technical reviews in English and Spanish.
Tom Pullen - Trenchless Technology EngineerTom Pullen,PG – (Minneapolis, MN Office) specializes in civil-geotechnical engineering and has led numerous projects throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes region. Mr. Pullen’s experience includes underground design; geotechnical site characterization; trenchless design and construction phase services; tunnel inspection; tunnel and shaft construction monitoring; grouting programs and tunnel rehabilitation; preparation of geotechnical reports and contract documents; and claims analysis and evaluation for both Owners and Contractors.

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