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MARCH 2017



Reclaimed Water System Improvements - Main to Junction 420

Kevin Mandeville, PG sustainability and management of water resources are objectives of an ordinance passed by the Austin, TX City Council to reduce water usage by approximately 140 gallons, on average, per day by 2020.  One of the provisions of this ordinance is mandatory connection of new commercial development within 250 feet of a reclaimed water main. This reclaimed water would be used for irrigation, filling cooling towers, flushing toilets, and manufacturing.





CDOT Tunnel Inspection and Asset Management Services

David Kwietnewski, PE Associates is part of a great team of engineers who are inspecting transportation tunnels statewide for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Stantec Consulting is the team leader who directly works with CDOT engineers to operate their asset management software for tunnel inspections. Gannet Fleming has a long history with transportation tunnel inspections. Brierley Associates provides expertise in tunnel design and construction.





I-70 Twin Tunnels Expansion - ENR Best of the Best Award - 2016 Bridge/Highway Category Associates congratulates everyone involved with the Colorado Department of Transportation's Twin Tunnels Expansion (today proudly called the Veterans Memorial Tunnels). It was one of the first Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) project delivery undertaken by CDOT. The project entailed the widening of the existing eastbound and westbound tunnels to enhance traffic flow.


Brierley Associates David Kwietnewski worked on the Independent Cost Estimating (ICE), required by CM/GC prior to construction and was a member of the CM team that was led by HDR (2013 Eastbound Tunnel) and Yeh and Associates (2014 Westbound Tunnel).  





NASTT's No-Dig Show & ISTT's 35th International No-Dig

April 9-13, 2017

Washington, D.C. will be teaming up with ISTT (International Society for Trenchless Technology) at the 2017 show. ISTT was established in September 1986 with a goal of advancing the science and practice of trenchless technology for public benefit through education, training, study and research. ISTT has 27 affiliated Societies across the globe. Brierley Associates will be represented by Brian Dorwart, Nick Strater and Dave Sackett.


Brian Dorwart will be one of the presenters of - City of Miami Beach Undertakes Historic Directional Drill to Achieve Sustainable Reliability, a record HDD installation of 54-inch diameter HDPE sanitary forcemain. This presentation examines the teamwork involved in addressing the design and installation challenges associated with this project.


Nick Strater and Thor Young (GHD) will be speaking about a complex HDD program to install new sanitary forcemains in Anne Arundel County, MD.  The presentation   details a program that involves 12 separate HDD installations of 24-in HDPE, including a 4200-ft long installation, pushing the limits of this pipe material. Aside of design and planning, the challenges faced in dealing with multiple contractors working concurrently will also be touched upon during this presentation.


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Underground Grouting and Ground Improvement

May 1-5, 2017

Golden, CO Grouting and Ground Improvement is a five-day course that covers grouting and ground modification used for underground construction, tunneling and mining projects. It includes topics in engineering, equipment, materials and methods for grouting and ground modifications used on various types of underground projects. The course consists of classroom presentations by internationally recognized experts, a day of off-campus field demonstrations, as well as some on-campus laboratory demonstrations and testing of grouts and grouting methods.


Brierley's Mohamed Gamal will be instructing a course on the Wyoming AML Coal Mine Subsidence Mitigation Grouting on Friday, May 5, 2017, at the Colorado School of Mines.


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The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Colorado Celebrates Recent Future Leaders Program Graduates

Lakewood, CO than 75 people attended the ACEC's Future Leaders Graduation Luncheon on Jan. 24 at the Lakewood Country Club. The Future Leaders Program sponsored by ACEC focuses on developing people-management techniques and skills for Engineering Project Managers.


Brierley's Sarah Myers and Ryan Marsters were among the 2016 graduates. Sarah noted, "I appreciate Brierley investing in my professional development, getting to know my fellow classmates would definitely recommend this experience to others.  The leadership course provided me with the tools and skill sets to be an effective project manager as I grow in my career.  All of the lessons were practical and I really enjoyed learning the proper way to delegate tasks, which has helped me maintain my work-life balance."  Ryan stated, "The course provides an open forum with our industry peers to discuss leadership and development qualities. Those lessons and discussions will prove invaluable while representing Brierley on future projects." Brierley Associates congratulates the 2016 graduates who successfully completed the Future Leaders Program's eight-session supervisory course and wishes them all the success as their careers continue to develop. 



Brierley Welcomes the Return of Zach Anderson Syracuse, NY office welcomes the return of Zach Anderson. He has more than 16 years of experience in geotechnical, structural and foundation engineering, design of support of excavation (SOE) systems including sheet pile, soldier pile & lagging, and slurry walls, rock and soil anchors, cofferdams, temporary construction works, reinforced concrete, masonry, timber and steel buildings and other structures, shallow and deep foundations and permanent earth retaining structures. Zach has extensive knowledge of many design standards and codes including ACI, AISC, PCA, ASCE, IBC, and AASHTO. In his spare time he enjoys running, camping, kayaking and woodworking while avoiding his unending list of

home improvement projects.



Brierley's Cambridge Office Welcomes James Duffy Duffy is a Staff Geologist at Brierley Associates in the Cambridge, MA office. Prior to joining Brierley Associates in October 2016, he graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor's degree in Geology and Film. His experience includes scientific communication, hazardous waste management, sediment/rock core logging, GIS, and radioactive emissions testing. James's experience also includes both professional and collegiate work presenting and teaching new technologies and discoveries pertaining to oceanography. James enjoys swimming and reading in his free time.





Brierley Associates supports owners engineering design professionals and trenchless geotechnical contractors with all aspects of trenchless technology. Our geologists, trenchless and underground engineers know how to deliver efficient, effective and constructable designs.


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