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JUNE 2018


Landslide - Trinidad, Colorado

Bill Zietlow, PE - Denver, CO


Situated at the base Sangre de Cristo Range, near the New  Mexico border is Trinidad, Colorado. This area of Colorado is within the Raton Basin, which contains significant reserves of coal bed methane. Natural gas extraction in the foothills west of Trinidad a major economic contributor to the regional economy. Regionally, during the first six months of 2017, total precipitation was about 50% more than average. Then, in August 2017 a sudden ground movement occurred which disrupted the use of an unpaved access road that hugs the side of a canyon. The landslide was approximately 200-ft long and somewhat parallel to the roadway, with a more active center portion about 100- to 150-ft wide. 


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David Berti, PE, SE, Senior Consultant: Brierley Associates - Moraga CA

Greg Overhage, Project Manager: Sierra Mountain Construction - Sonora, CA


East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) has a history of providing high-quality drinking water for 1.4 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. EBMUD decided to replace its three million-gallon Carisbrook concrete reservoir with a smaller prestressed concrete reservoir and use the post-tensioned walls of the old reservoir as permanent retaining walls. Sierra Mountain Construction was low bidder on the project in the Oakland (CA) hills. Work included removing the roof and columns of the 159-ft inside diameter tank prior to installing wall-strengthening rebar and shotcrete, cutting a hole in the wall, grading, and installing new structures inside the walls.


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Brierley's Seth Hoffman, PE, SE is a recent graduate of the ASDSO three-day training seminar on dam inspection and assessment in Sacramento, CA. The training was comprised of topics on safety, design practices, construction methods, inspection, evaluation and assessment of various dam types. Numerous case studies of dam failures and distress were used to illustrate the importance of monitoring and assessment. The seminar also included recommended inspection methods for large and small dams that satisfy state and federal regulatory requirements. During the course, inspection technologies such as ROV, drone, and sonar were used for hands-on demonstrations. 


For more information about ASDSO dam inspections, Seth may be contacted in our Chicago office at 312.432.0076 ext. 2445 or by email at



Brierley Associates (Gold Sponsor) - NAT Conference


Brierley's AJ McGinn, Alan Howard, Gregg Sherry, Nancy Nuttbrock, Danny Maine, Jeremiah Jezerski, David Kwietnewski and Jacob Mitchell will be attending the NAT Conference, June 24-27, at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel.  The conference technical program focuses on the current challenges and successes of tunneling projects throughout North America.




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