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Friedman Discusses Clean Solutions for Omaha with a Trenchless Focus

Using project-specific contracting mechanisms to control cost and risk

In the Summer 2023 issue of Trenchless North America magazine, Kyle Friedman discusses the Forest Lawn Creek Inflow Removal and Outfall Storm Sewer project in Omaha, Nebraska. The project installed approximately 20,000-ft storm and sanitary sewer through a residential area. In “Morty’s Trenchless Academy” Kyle describes the ways in which the design team worked with the trenchless contractor to mitigate the risks posed by the mixed face conditions for the installation of 96-inch diameter HOBASTM pipe. The collaboration was successful in balancing the risk of the trenchless crossing between the Owner and the Contractor and created a fair and reasonable bidding environment that resulted in uniform and realistic bids and decreased the cost of the trenchless portion of the project.

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