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Brierley Associates’ work with The Wyoming Abandoned Mine Lands Office is featured in Engineering Matters Podcast #177.

Project Wins OSMRE Award

The project that is the subject of this podcast was honored by The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) during the National Association of Abandoned Mine Land Programs conference in Grand Junction, Colorado, on October 17. The project by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Abandoned Mine Land Division at Hanna Elementary School and the adjacent high school football field and track won the OSMRE’s Western States and Tribes Region Reclamation Award for 2022. Brierley Associates provided design and construction management on the project.

Our nationwide underground design and construction experience offers a different perspective and understanding of ground behavior. We use our collective knowledge of “Creating Space Underground” to develop innovative and effective solutions for Filling Space Underground”.

Through rigorous subsurface investigations, we develop GIS-based spatial analysis integrating both historic and recent data obtained from Brierley’s investigations of mine workings. This process is our platform to develop an understanding of the complexities associated with developing the proper means and methods to mitigate subsidence. Evaluating site-specific characteristics leads to evidence-based design and constructable solutions.

Visit our ArcGIS Online site with our project story maps

Visit our User Story at the ESRI Website.

Land Subsidence Mitigation Capabilities:

  • Engineering geology-focused site exploration programs
  • Coal mine risk analysis and mitigation
  • Developing specifications and contract packaging
  • Mitigation program design
  • Grout mix design
  • GIS spatial analysis
  • RTK based drone Imagery
  • Construction Management
  • Earth and rock slope stability analysis and support of excavation
  • Construction cost and scheduling

Our Subsidence Mitigation Team