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Brierley Associates rockfall and rock slope remediation design services consider rock mechanics, environmental and historical sensitivities, and constructability. Our staff’s extensive engineering geology and geostructural engineering capabilities allows us to understand the complexities of rock mechanics and access logistics. Vital to successful project delivery is our wide array of experience including planning, geologic evaluations, design, and construction management/construction monitoring.

Successful advanced geotechnical and geological engineering requires a combination of experience and knowledge of technology limitations. We approach all projects by developing a thorough understanding of existing ground conditions, then integrating the appropriate geologic parameters to develop sensible designs that are constructable within a variety of challenging environments.

Rock Slope Engineering Capabilities

  • Landslide, debris flow, and rockfall identification
  • Kinematic stability analysis
  • Subsurface investigations, including remote access and sensitive environments
  • Geologic mapping, hazard assessment and geotechnical instrumentation
  • Rock slope engineering – design of rock cuts and slopes
  • Rockfall evaluation and mitigation design ranging from scaling to steel mesh and rock bolts
  • Rock excavation and controlled blasting design
  • Retaining structures design – soil nail, reinforced earth and tangent pile walls
  • Design and construction management of slope stabilization systems installations

Our Rock Slope Engineering Team